Precious(Pomeranian Beagle Mix)

Pomeranian - Bold and Inquisitive

A little pomerian with a little pink and white bow and a backround with pink and white dots

Pomerania adulto

American Eskimo Dog-Including family member of Spitz/Spitze Dog. American Eskimo, often called ' Eskie', Eskie is enegetic and intelligent dog. he has three

For sale very small girl . Adult not more 1 kg +79101519650 ( what'sap , viber )

Pomeranian Dog Breed Information

For sale very small girl . Adult not more 1 kg ( what'sap , viber )

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Finnish Spitz puppy -i have an adult and he is absolutley beautiful

So gorgeous. Looks a bit like a dingo pup actually. If it had a bit of white and grey around the muzzle, it'd be a near dead-ringer!

Pomeranian - Hoodie

Pomeranian - Hoodie

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Pomeranian Socks...why don't i own a pair of these yet??!!

Short puppy problems: Did you know that Pomeranians come in at least 23 unique colors? Thankfully you won’t have to choose which of them are on your cool animal socks. These smart pups are undeniably