Enjoy poetry for kids with fun activities! We have poetry activities for toddlers, preschool kids, to school age kids.

Enjoy Poetry for Kids with Fun Activities

writing/reading/ visual representation, grade Enjoy poetry for kids with fun activities - many cool ideas!

Still Playing School: Cinquain Poetry for Kids

Cinquain Poetry for Kids

Fall Cinquain Poetry for kids is the perfect writing prompt for Autumn! FREE Printable for teachers and homeschool from Still Playing School

Poetry terms with examples and definitions - included in Laura Candler's Exploring Poetry along with lessons, activities, and printables for teaching kids to read and understand poetry.

Poetry Lessons - Exploring Poetry: Teaching Kids to Read and Understand Poetry

The styles and word choices of poetry are significant because they provide the poem with a sense of meaning. Figurative language, sound patterns, and rhythm are all essential factors when writing poetry.

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids - I Think I'm Related to Bigfoot - A Funny Bigfoot Poem for Kids

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids - My Dog Ate My Homework


Poem called "Keep A Poem In Your Pocket" is a cute little poem that kids can memorize. Great poem for a preschooler to do at a Talent Show or school event!

poetry cafe for kids - Google Search

One of my absolute favorite days from this school year was our Poetry Cafe. We completed a poetry unit in March this year. Yes, I know it'.

Phonics Poetry for Grades K-2! - Thank God It's First Grade!

These phonics poems are the perfect way to have your students practice fluency! I love to put these poems in a poetry folder and each week we have a new word family or phonics skill to learn. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students can read t

A poem for kids on a Monday by Jack Prelutsky via HarperCollins Children's Books.

A poem for kids on a Monday by Jack Prelutsky via HarperCollins Children's Books. For literacy fluency.

Poetry for Kids - Tips on getting your kids to love poetry, plus a free interactive "Cinquain" activity.

How to Get Kids to Love Poetry

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poetry cafe for kids - Google Search

Although used in a second grade classroom, this would be a great way to display student poetry in the classroom, especially for open house. Students could hang up their favorite poem that they have written.

poetic devices anchor chart plus ideas for teaching a week-long poetry unit at the elementary level

A Week-Long Poetry Unit

Poetry Anchor Chart This is a fun, creative chart to have while students are learning about poetry tools and their meanings.