use rope for old coffe cans | Adventures of a Middle Sister: A Coffee Container & a Pickle Jar

up-cycle plastic or glass containers to make cute storage containers! Always have empty containers around. Do this with empty, individual-size juice bottles for vases for a baby shower centerpiece

Repurposed plastic coffee containers

Fabulous Folger's Coffee Plastic Container Upcycle

| 29 Uses For Recycled Coffee Cans |

29 Uses For Recycled Coffee Cans

Coffee cans nailed to board and hung on wall become a towel holder. I've also seen the coffee cans glued together (without the board) and hung directly on the wall.

coffee canister storage

Craft Room Storage Idea Box by Reginaeaster

coffee canister storage, cleaning tips, craft rooms, repurposing upcycling, For cute and cheap storage in your craft room gather these plastic coffee canisters and turn them into functional containers in just a few steps - Crafts All Over

Cheap, easy dryer sheets made with sponges! I've tried coffee filters, towels, and more - but sponges are cheap and great for reusing!

Forever dryer sheets

Never ending dryer sheets. Keep sponges (cut in half) in a mixture of 1 cup fabric softener and 2 cups water, in air tight container. Toss 1 in the dryer then back into mixture when dry.

Recycling+Plastic+Coffee+Containers | ... tip on how to make a brush tote from an old plastic coffee container

How to Make a Brush Tote

Seedling Starting Station Using Empty Plastic Coffee Containers / One Ash Homestead

Update! Frugal Seedling Starting Station

When it comes to preparedness – or life in general – there’s a ton to buy. When we can reuse something, it helps.

Coffee Container Halloween Candy Canister --

Coffee Container Halloween Candy Canister

what to do with coffee containers or other cans...

29 Uses For Recycled Coffee Cans

Storage bin rack from recycled plastic coffee containers #organization #storage from Instructables

Storage Bin Rack From Recycled Plastic Coffee Containers

Storage bin rack from recycled plastic coffee containers organization storage from Instructables

How to make your own cleaning wipes and canister. You will save a ton of money!

Make Your Own: Homemade Cleaning Wipes and Canister