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Rose Quartz and Lilac Grey, the Colours Pintrest is Going Crazy For

Hey, did you know that it’s cool to like pink again? Once maligned as frivolous and overly girly–because girly is bad and dumb and bad–the internet some fourth wave feminists’ reclamation of the feminine as radical has turned pink into a color with an agenda. The agenda is simple: Pink is now bold and badass, chic and demure, bubbly and cute af, as multifaceted as the gender the color is ascribed to…and it’s also just a great color.

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Glass and Pink candles For my pink lover friend ...

This has been one of my favorite wedding centerpieces for over a year - clear glass candle sticks with pink taper candles. Simple, yet elegant.

The colors are very important. Enjoy the colors we have to relax. I colori della propria casa, di un bacio, di un fiore, di un abbraccio, della neve, del mare, del profumo del caffè, di una luce, dell'amore.

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The colors are very important. These soft pink candles are, in themselves, relaxing to the eye and to the spirit. Must look for these next time I'm out shopping for beautiful candles.

Blush Pink Candle Holder. Add a little romantic vintage to your home with these pretty in pink candle holders. #nordichouse #pink #candleholder

This soft blush pink ceramic dinner candle holder has a lovely little handle reminiscent of days gone by.

Magickal Moonie's Sanctuary  Pink Candle        Bright Blessings ♥  Magickal Moonie  Yvonne )O(

:: P a g a n Magick :: Candles: Working with Colors in Candle Magick ~ Pink.