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pezón anillo - nipple piercing - joyería de la entrerrosca - pezón barbell - pezón anillo de plata - pezón 14g
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Répertoire des piercing d'oreille les plus courants : piercing daith, rook , tragus, hélix, industriel,...Quelques idées pour les piercing à l'oreille !
Orejas mágicas.
Last week, I saw a few articles pop up on my Facebook newsfeed about the daith piercing. What is a daith piercing, you might ask? It’s a piercing on your crus helix, which is the part of your ear above the tragus. It’s basically a small piercing tucked into your ear that could easily be missed, but ends up looking so cute and kind of mysterious.
Caro mire que chiva! Ya podemos ver cómo se ven todo en serio!
Multiple Gold Ear Piercing Ideas Combinations at MyBodiArt.com - Cartilage Rings, Helix Hoops, Rook Barbell, Conch Studs