Fabric picture frame mats, can be made out of anything! Even cereal boxes :)

Upcycle those cereal boxes and fabric scraps. Fabric picture frames (use old cereal boxes for the card board). What a great idea!

How To: Cut a Mat for Framing Artwork -  see comments too!  lots of helpful suggestions + alternative websites.

How To: Cut a Mat for Framing Artwork

[CasaGiardino] ♛ Invest in a simple mat cutter and the world of framing is at your fingertips. Cutting mats is easy, inexpensive, and takes your artwork to a new level. It looks custom, even if you buy a readymade frame from a store.

fabric covered mats.  If you don't already have a mat...cut one out of a cereal box!

Fabric Covered Photo Frame Mats

Need to do this with some of grandpa's photos >>DIY fabric matting for photo frames (Diy Photo Frames)

How to make your own photo mats

DIY photo mats- a great way to reuse old pieces of cardboard

This shows step by step of how to cut your own picture mats using photo mats, an exacto knife and straight edge. To be used for framing pictures or art.

How to Make Burlap Picture Mats

How to Make Burlap Picture Mats

How to Make Burlap picture mats by using burlap fabric, picture mats and frames from the thrift store.

Pressed Flower Picture Mats

17 Dried flower decor ideas - Arrange flowers properly and with love and easily you will refresh your home. We present you some great tips for decorating with dried flowers.