I bought a peter Max outfit for my 8th grade class trip. I cried when my mom hemmed them for me and I was so short she had to cut all the bell off the bottom of the pants.

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Bohemian Psychedelic Art ~ Peter Max: Sunrise

Peter Max: A Cosmic Artist of the 1900's. Was born in Berlin, Germany and moved around a lot with his family while young. Eventually they moved to America and he went to an art school. Then in 1964, he began his artwork. He is a "Visionary Pop Artist" and really great at expressionism. His artwork was really popular in the "cosmic" 60's. He is awesome and is my favorite artist!

Peter Max was born in Berlin, Germany, but his family moved to America where he went to art school. In he began his style of art and became a visionary pop artist whose work was quite popular in the "cosmic"

Peter Max art

Peter Max makes me smile. I even had a Peter Max binder!

Peter Max Art - Bing Images

Peter-Max Art - I remember doing high school art projects inspired by his work.

I love Peter Max. Takes me back to the 70's

Peter Max 1968 Many many hours spent making Peter Max inspired doves and drawings for my friends as a teen!

Psychedelic art

Psychedelic art