Photo by Peter Lik. Winner of First Place in The Natural World category, 2011 FotoWeekDC.

Winners of 2011 FotoWeekDC

Peter Lik USA

One of our greatest inspirations - Peter Lik USA - Fine Art Photographer and Luxury Photography

Peter Lik my favorite one. Wish I could afford for my bedroom

Natural Wonders - "I feel a bond, a special connection with Mother Nature. She is in our DNA. I want to capture and share that magical feeling I get when I press the shutter.

Winter shadows • Peter Lik Fine Art Photography/o. I love sunlit shadows on snow- uniquely blue.

This reminds me of home in Montana, beautiful Winter shadows by Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

For sale: Peter Lik “Scarlet Moods”

Rare Peter Lik Landscape Photo: "Scarlet Moods"

For sale: Peter Lik “Scarlet Moods”

Ghost Gum tree. By: Peter Lik, Fine Art Photography, 2011.

Ghost Gum © 2011 Peter Lik Fine Art Photography Love these trees. Gum trees in general.