Peru - Andes Mountains - Inca Indian woman with a llama (or is it a Alpaca or Vicuna?)

Picture of Peruvian woman with her llama (Lama glama), Cuzco, Peru stock photo, images and stock photography.

Quetchua woman selling crafts at a roadside market, Urubamba valley, Andes Mts, Peru

Quetchua_woman_at_a_roadside_market_Urubamba_Valley_Andes_Mts_Peru איזה יופי!

For when the Sheraton just isn't terrifying enough

SkyLodge Suites let travelers dangle from a mountain in utmost luxury

transparent skylodge adventure suites suspended 400 feet above peru's sacred valley

pinturas costumbristas norte de peru - Google Search

pinturas costumbristas norte de peru - Google Search

arpillado peru - Google Search

Really very hardwork , awesome ! I wonder how long did it take to complete ? arpillera -- always longed for one of these after seeing one in a friend's house when I was very small

Offering to the Mother Earth or Pachamama Andean Rituals and Religiousness

Things to do in Peru - Top 12 Adventures

rainbow mountains of Vinicunca, Peru - Google Search

Vinicunca & its Multi-colored Rainbow mountains are a sight to behold during your luxury travel trek to Peru, these are covered in wide lines of pastel blue, intense red, green, pink & yellow.