Permiso lactancia materna

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Esta semana en el blog lactancia materna y trabajo. Todo sobre el permiso de lactancia o las horas de lactancia. ¿Y las autónomas tenemos? ¿Y las funcionarias tienen las mismas? Toda la info en el post.
ESTRATEGIA Y ACTUALIDAD LABORAL: Reconocimiento del Derecho del Padre a Disfrutar del Permiso de Lactancia, aunque la Madre no tenga la Condición de Trabajadora
Permiso lactancia acumulado: sentencia sobre días laborales y no naturales
Una campaña prolactancia materna en Guatemala está impulsando una visión social en restaurantes y cafés que se han unido y ofrecen a la madre un lugar para alimentar a su bebé, sin que ella tenga que consumir algún producto.
¿Conoces en que casos solicitar un permiso de lactancia en tu trabajo?
Soy un mal ejemplo. Amamanto, colecho, porteo y muchas otras cosas peligrosas para la sociedad. Por favor no cojas la lámina y la quites mi nombre, ni la modifiques sin mi permiso, aunque tal cual la podrás compartir todas las veces que quieras.
This shoot was done for Mom2Mom: Breastfeeding Support Group in Fairchild Afb, Wa ( the Air Force is not endorsing the photo however, permission was given to take photographs Breastfeeding while in their uniform ) - more information can be found at the photographer's blog at

Breast-Feeding In Uniform: Brave Or Brazen?

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy – Common Concerns About Safety
Lactancia para el bebé de 0 a 6 meses
Yes, You Totally Can Do These 16 Things While Breastfeeding

Yes, You Totally Can Do These 16 Things While Breastfeeding

WARNING: This Is What Happens You Visit a Newborn Without a Mother's Permission
Don't Carpe Diem, Carpe Kairos: great article on enjoying parenting while still admitting that it's hard.
Rachel Bushman "It is important to not use the words 'let' or 'allow' in birth. The hospital 'let' me wear my own clothes. The doctor 'let' me eat until I pushed. The hospital 'allows' women to go 24 hours after her water breaks, before she 'has' to have a c-section. The doctor 'allowed' me to push on all fours. These are just a few common examples. Using such verbiage 1) normalizes abuse, that somehow the doctor and nurses stripping mom of basic human rights is acceptable. 2) sets mother up…
Crochet Boob Baby Beanie - 3-6 Months - Breast Cancer Awareness - Boob Hat - Breastfeeding Cap. $12.95, via Etsy.  (I love this - people who are anti breastfeeding AKA NATURE will see this when mama is nursing. haha!)

Crochet Boob Baby Beanie - 3-6 Months - Breast Cancer Awareness - Boob Hat - Breastfeeding Cap

(Editor's note: This article originally appeared on It has been reprinted here with permission. The Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of both ABC News and Babble.) When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I didn’t have to think twice about whether or not I would be...

The Big, Fat Breastfeeding Lie We Shouldn’t Buy Into

NY Times article about studies invovling mindfulness trainingh and elementary school children (developing brains :)

The Mindful Child