The Ultimate Guide to Tattoo Eyebrows: What Exactly Are They?

Permanent brows are a great alternative to redoing them every morning! The owner of Qui Si Bella Spa is a master of permanent makeup.

Totally works; I've had my lips done and am getting my eyeliner done.  No one knows!

Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

6 Things You Should Know About Permanent Makeup (good to know about the type of ink to use and what kind of tool!!)

I think it would be fantastic to have eyeliner on all the time and my lips subtly outlined, but I am a little bit of a chicken about it. I am not going to have just any ol' Joe come at my face with ink, so I started my research.

Intrigued, but not sure I have the guts to do it. I'm such a baby when it comes to needles.

Permanent Eyeliner After Photos: Click through to read about my experience with permanent makeup and my Q

Here is a simple way to figure out what your perfect eyebrow shape is according to your face shape. For more information on achieving the perfect eyebrows check out Perfect You Permanent Makeup.

7 Natural Beauty Tips to Help you with your own Natural Beauty. Getting older, many of us don’t have time to spend a lot of energy on hair and makeup each day.

Vitiligo Treatment by MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup

Vitiligo Treatment by MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup