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50 Gorgeous Makeup Looks For Any Holiday Party

I'm pinning this because it's freaky. This girl is definitely Hilary Duff's doppelgänger!

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What Do I Use to Contour and Highlight | How to: Contour and Highlight Cheekbones Using Makeup

A step by step tutorial on how to contour and highlight cheekbones. Includes the best contour makeup and highlight makeup.

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is beauty, no matter of creator`s purpose and the impact it cause the viewer. Aesthetic sense, in men especially, is giving pleasure just by looking at such rear and probably dangerous beauty.

Tips for Fine Hair »»expert adviser Kristina Great tips on VOLUMIZING Hair with No Teasing & Proper Hair Care !!!»»A must read !!! Love it!

Volume-Boosters: The Do’s and Don’ts for fine-haired mavens


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Cool Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for Its new hair color That Will Make You More Beautiful & Hot! Check this out on Organic-Haircolor.

Long Ponytail                                                       …

Ponytails have always been a staple for long hair girls who simply want to mix things up. They’re ideal in settings where you simply want to leave your hair …