The Patterdale Terrier was bred in 18th-century Britain for hunting rabbits.  It is independent, robust, and willing to dig up any animal that tries to escape it underground.  It will also take on any dog it comes across, and can be difficult to train.  Interestingly, it has developed a handsomely muscled & trim appearance without aesthetics being a consideration in the breeding process.  The Patterdale is not suited to urban living, and requires a lot of exercise, but does well in any…

The modern Patterdale Terrier would be to fell terriers, what the Jack Russell Terrier is always to hunt terriers-the indisputable leader in numbers and performance as a breed.

I want a petterdale terrier as my first dog! :)

How well do you know the breed? - Patterdale Terrier

There are quite a few breed requirements for the Patterdale Terrier, most notably, the United Kennel Club within the Usa, because the United kingdom Kennel Club doesn't presently recognise the Patterdale Terrier.

Patterdale Terrier puppy- looks like my Josie <3

Patterdale Terriers are considered by many to become the “elite” of the go-to-ground hunting terrier breeds.

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The Patterdale Terriers don’?t bark significantly unlike other terrier breeds.

The Patterdale Terrier by Seán Frain | Quiller Publishing. Reprint. This book is a detailed study of the Patterdale terrier which covers everything the owner, or prospective owner, needs to know, from the history of the breed, through working, breeding, health training and showing to the suitability of this breed as a family pet. #terrier #dog #training #management #reprint

The Patterdale Terrier- Sean Frain This book is a detailed study of the Patterdale terrier which covers everything the owner or prospective owner needs to know.

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Patterdale Terriers and Patterdale puppies are extremely active, fun and enjoyable little dogs.

My very gorgeous patterdale terrier Gunner xxx

My very gorgeous patterdale terrier Gunner xxx - awww he looks just like our Fig!