What if you are an old soul?  Who do you search for, a past love or a new one?

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This is interesting because my 1st “LOVE” is just a guy that I realized I never loved and the guy I’m with is the only person that I actually have ever loved but.. he’s not my friend???

If two past lovers can remain friends, either they never were in love or they still are. Weslee Mykel :) me & you remained best friends because we are still in love and now look we are getting married

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I wish we had a second chance to meet each other again for the first time.

Some say that they are the entrance to the soul. Your soul twinkles and shines. And I love that so much.

your eyes were always transparent than what you never revealed to me. In fact I never knew you. You were a hidden secret .

Don't regret the people who were in your past, at the time they were exactly who wanted to be with.

I thought we had more time. But really, how blessed I was that over thousands of years on Earth our two paths crossed.Not a fluke or a mistake, just good old fashioned kindness, devotion and love. I will forever miss you.