Vintage doll cut outs --Paper dolls were my favorite indoor activity! I could play with them for hours after, carefully, cutting the out.

10 Free Printable Paper Dolls

10 Free Printable Paper Dolls like these vintage beauties (via T Pettite). I loved paper dolls.

How To Make A Folding Dolls’ House Papercraft - Tutorial With Templates - by Open House Miniatures More

How to Make a Folding Dolls’ House

Now this may be only a joke, but joel would LOVE these boy paper dolls  My boys would think Luke and Mario are cool, but would have no idea who Marty is.

Dress up party!

Purse Playhouse Altoid Tin: Paper doll house meant to be carried in the purse and used to keep a child busy when on the go.

Altoid Tin playhouse: Paper doll house for kids, meant to be carried in the purse.

Wunderschön gestaltet und gerendert Puppe aus Papier gedruckt auf 8.5 x 11 Karton. Puppe und 6 Kostüme auf 3 Blättern.

Beautifully designed and rendered paper doll printed on card stock. Doll and 6 costumes on 3 sheets.