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Do not stand at my grave and cry: Page Synopsis: An adult Dipper brings his children to visit a dying Ford. Due to circumstances, I have decided to have weekly updates for this comic instead.

I read fanfic The Scientist just over a week ago and fell in love with their take on Gaster and his relationship with Sans The last chapter of the fic was a real edge-of-.

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13 January 2015 Good Morning 早上好!

It's treat Tuesday like Friday. You survived Monday so have a Friday Happiness state of mind on Tuesday.

Next: Previous: First: -- The ghosts are plotting something, and Springtrap attempts to do one of those "nice things" he's heard about. Springtrap and Deliah (Page

I'm just a woman who was once a little girl who consumed Archie comics in all forms by the ton. I still buy them when I need a pick-me-up or want to lay in the bath and waste some time.

La realidad vista por Mafalda!

¿ A qué juegan los chicos de hoy? hi Kids, what are you playing? Oh we are playing "Government" - why would you play that?