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criadero ovejero aleman cordoba - Buscar con Google

Bearded Collie...has an air of cheerful, happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging humor. It is affectionate, playful and lively, and can make a perfect companion for children. They love to be with their people. An unexercised Beardie that is left alone without anything to do will not be happy, and you may not be happy with what it does while you are gone. If you must leave your Beardie, be sure to take it for a long jog or walk prior to leaving. Will be headstrong if he sees you as meek.

Caramal Bearded Collie - TIP - When showing your dog chew mints because they can tell that you are nervous and alot of dog breaders do this it calms the dog down

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thepreppyyogini: Three times the love. - reliable in the nearest future! So beautiful growing