At first this would just seem like a cool tattoo of some nature. I fact this is a soundwave of a father saying the word "Babydoll" to his daughter. A special request to represent a nickname and a loving memory of a girl and her father in a familiar setting outdoors fishing. Tattoo by @thebutcherbrand Model is @lil912 (Shared by @yaseen_uk) by artfido on Instagram

Double Tap to show respect. This is not just a cool tattoo of two people fishing. Its also the image of the sound wave produced when a father says the word "babydoll" to his daughter. A tattoo with serious meaning.

Nature Reflecting Wrist Tattoo Design

Nature Reflecting Wrist Tattoo Design

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culturenlifestyle: “ Derek Myers and His Daily Dose Of Miniature Art Derek Myers is a proactive artist, his latest project involving sketching out a drawing a day for one year, using a felt pen.

Mountain wind rose compass tattoo art. Adventure, travel, outdoors, meditation symbol.

Wolf and mountains double exposure tattoo art. Wolf howls tattoo, mountain compass and night sky t-shirt design

Campsite by Balazs Bercsenyi

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