I finally did it! My new Orion tattoo ;)

I want to get this tattoo because the orian belt is a directional star. So as a symbol it will represent where ever I go in life I will always have the directions to get there

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Orion Tattoo, love this...subtle...maybe in brown so it looks like freckles…

But I want him slanted, like you see him in the sky. My Dad taught me this constellation at a very young age, he brings me peace to see him at night.

Simply because I promised him I'd get this tattooed on me years ago and still love it

Ramón on

Orion tattoo

I like the idea of the unconnected constellation, maybe libra since the libra sign is ugly// 38 Mysterious Constellation Tattoo Design Ideas - Sortra

This cute constellation is perfect for all the astronomers out there.

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