This is epic, except for the very obvious mistake. Sakura's eyes are emerald green, not blue.

Eyes Of Naruto World

This is the first Naruto eye chart I've ever seen without the shitty ones made by anime nerd ( which i am )<<<<<hey the word is otaku thank you very much

How many anime eyes can you name? I see; 1 Naruto, 2 Code Geass, 3-4 so familiar! 5 Naruto, 6 ?, 7 Kuroshitsuji, 8 Fullmetal Alchemist, 9-11 no clue 12 Dgrayman, 13 Tegami Batchi & 14 Yugioh)

How many anime eyes can you name? 1 Naruto 2 Code Geass so familiar! 7 Kuroshitsuji 8 Fullmetal Alchemist no clue 12 D. Gray Man 13 Tegami Batchi 14 Yu-gi-oh

Cosplay: Hinata Huga #Naruto

Cosplay: Hinata (Asian)

Ive drawn all these before _gray

How to Draw Anime Tutorial with Beautiful Anime Character Drawings

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