Funny poems by Bruce Lansky - see also the Poetry Theater section for reader theater scripts

Reading- This website has great ideas for writing and reading poetry for elementary students. You can learn how to write different types of poetry, read others poems and rate them, and even have a poetry readers theater.

Seriously, just don't be an ads about it. Tell her "You look very pretty" and move the fuck on if she doesn't start a convo. She doesn't owe you anything just because you complimented her

once in grade this little indian boy gave me a bouquet of roses and said to me, "you're really pretty and i love you" and to this day i still remember

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"she has had un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf of your shit, alexander" (Philip Hamilton's death: Stay Alive Reprise)<<<oh my gosh!

I try not to make it obvious...especially when I bring it up in almost every conversation

As I'm dressed as Enjolras standing on the barricade I built in my bedroom.

Probably not here, I’ll probably be the only one that’ll run into the cinema like that

I'll probably get there like 7 hours earlier lol

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b9aad358874ddf2648ce456f6a5b1fa4--hamilton-cast-funny-hamilton-musical.jpg (474×578)

JACKIE                 ...                                     ...                                         ...                                                           ... ded

John Laurens was the actual purest cinnamon roll to ever exist.