meninvogue:  Nicholas Hoult by Daniel Bergeron  #summerlook

"Long-term boredom can't lead to anything good." Fansite dedicated to English actor Nicholas Hoult.

Actor Nicholas Hoult photographed and styled by Venetia Scott, for the latest coverstory of Hero magazine.

“Nicholas Hoult luciendo como the perfect brittish boy next door en Hero Magazine.

Nicholas Summers: 14 {youngest - Storm Warlock (mainly practices this so this term defines him till he switches to a Theistic Satanic witch) but it gets more chaotic and starts practicing spirit working and Divination magic} And uses Knot/Chord Spell work

hello my love... Nicholas Hoult SMOLDERS in Elle.

About a Boy

Nicholas Hoult of the X-Men series and "Warm Bodies" would play Ryan, Jillian's crush.

Nicholas Hoult is Dead Sexy! Check him out on our licensed Warm Bodies gear:

♥Nicholas Hoult as sexually ambiguous/bisexual Tony Stonem in Skins [UK] & as gay/sexually ambiguous Kenny Potter in A Single Man

Nick do us all a favor and go ahead and unbutton that shirt all the way

Nicholas Hoult: Just finished watching Warm Bodies, and, surprisingly, I loved it!