So while I do think this is funny, everyone needs to stfu cuz Jedi is both singular AND plural, it's not Jedis for more than one, use your brain

Gaster: being erased from existence, its not sorrowing to find that no one remembers you. but you remember me. don't you? Frisk: Gaster! Gaster: ah. hello child. you seem enthusiastic as always. its nice to see a friendly face again. Gaster: oh. now was that really necessary? how rude. don't you know better than to interrupt peoples conversations?

(Gaster) Being Erased from existence, it's not surprising to find that no one remembered you. But you remember me, don't you?

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chunky crochet blanket.  If I ever learn to crochet, this would be cool.

i want to try a rug like this instead of blanket -- Chunky crochet baby blanket tutorial. I want to make one of these one to day to see how thick and warm they are. It looks awesome.

book, typography, layout, editing, #graphic #design

This thesis project experiments with George Perec’s “A Man Asleep” through multiple modes of interpretation—typography, layout, editing, production, etc.


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I like the fit of these pants. They are a little heavy of material for summer, but I like the shape and fit. They look comfortable.

The Julie Sariñana Guide to Style

Julie Sarinana + cropped white joggers + leather jacket + retro style shades + comfortable and completely + street appropriate Joggers/Sweater: Sincerely Jules Shop, Sneakers: Golden Goose, Jacket: The Kooples.

|| Humanos...  Trátalos bien, parecerás un/a idiota. Trátalos mal,  parecerás una perra (puta). Trátalos de una forma normal, encontrarán algo más que decir. | Traducción ES: @sukigamer88 ||

I don't even watch Tokyo Ghoul, and I love this. ~I love Tokyo Ghoul ❤️ Love this quote as well { Freshour}

adlitam by anti-social i have go a wings but havent got a sky

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