During the Civil War, some Mississippi soldiers decided they didn’t want to fight for the Confederacy. The anti-Confederate rebellion in Jones County was led by Newton Knight, who opposed slavery and secession.  In the spring of 1864, the Knight Company overthrew the Confederate authorities in Jones County and raised the United States flag over the county courthouse in Ellisville. The county was known as the Free State of Jones, and some say it actually seceded from the Confederac...

Newton Knight was a Confederate deserter who led a guerrilla group that supported the Union during the US Civil War, creating the “Free State of Jones” in Jones County, Mississippi.



Newton Knight of Laurel,  Missippi - Read or see movie on "The Free State of Jones"

Shortly after the Siege of Vicksburg, Jones County resident Newton Knight formed the Knight Company and waged his own war on the Confederate Army.

During the height of the United States Civil War a deserter from the Confederate Army led a county is Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy.

Confederate Deserters: The Rebels You Rarely Hear About Newton Knight, leader of the guerrilla unit known as the "Knight Company," which actively fought against the Confederacy.

Model Patti Hansen Vogue paris 1975 · Helmut Newton

Model Patti Hansen Vogue paris 1975 · Helmut Newton

Newton Knight and Matthew McConaughey as Knight in the Free State of Jones Civil War movie. Read 'Free State of Jones: History vs. Hollywood' - http://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/free-state-of-jones/

We pit the Free State of Jones movie vs. the true story of Newton Knight, Rachel, wife Serena and the Civil War Knight Company.

In 1863, after surviving the devastating Battle of Corinth, Newton Knight, a poor farmer from Mississippi, deserted the Confederate Army and began a guerrilla battle against the Confederacy. For two y

Sally Jenkins, The State of Jones: The Small Southern County That Seceded from the Confederacy