Some idiot named "Kaia Bennett" actually pinned this image with the following fucking caption: "good looking Native American."

First Nations & Native American Celebs - a list by NativeFilmEnthusiast

White Wolf : 6 Beautiful Native Men Who Are Proud Of Their Culture

6 Beautiful Native Men Who Are Proud Of Their Culture: Martin Sensmeier is from the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan tribes of Alaska. He is an ambassador for Native Wellness Institute and advocates for wellness amongst Native people of all Nations.

Willy cartier Is a super model, actor, & dancer. Hes French, Vietnamese, & Senegalese mixed not Native American. {Milo Victor Ramsey}

"The stars will carry on shining without you and me" story inspiration, writing inspiration, character inspiration

JuWan Lakota - Oglala Lakota

Juwan Lakota © Native Sun Ink ~Oh my a Lakota Native American, simply stunning! Don't think he's famous but he is quite a gorgeous man :)