Natalie Portman is a big player in Hollywood who is branching out into directing and writing, and she is sure to be a force for many years to come. Description from I searched for this on

Perfect proportions with her top, jacket, jeans, and boots. And perfectly layered for a petite woman.

Your Highness; Natalie Portman as Isabel; Costume Design by Hazel Webb-Crozier

Natalie Portman & James Franco: More 'Your Highness' Stills!: Photo Natalie Portman is battle ready with a bow in these stills from her new movie, Your Highness. The actress plays the mysterious warrior princess Isabel,…

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Padmé Amidala

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Natalie Portman Photo: Your Highness - Behind The Scenes

Natalie Portman as Isabel in _Your Highness_ (2011)

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Your Highness wallpaper for fans of Natalie Portman images.

Padme Amidala in her 'loyalist' robe, worn while conversing with Senator Palpatine and the Jedi about the recent attempt on her life in Star Wars Episode II.

Nobody in the Star Wars' universe had more style than Queen Amidala. From heavy velvet, to vintage silk, Queen Amidala made her royal station known.