Naruto Lee Ninja Profile Guide By: Ywan -

Tamari's face perfectly matched mine at this scene, and then five seconds later I laughed for ten minutes

Now if somebody could just give me an order in which to make these, I'd be turning out jutsu in no time!

Summoning Jutsu Hand Signs

Another image showing the hand signs (courtesy of Naruto and Sasuke). Almost got them memorized!

Haha! Kankuro and Temari is jealous. gaara is proud and naruto is like awesome!! :) so cute

no wonder Kankoro and Temari are jelouse atlast Gaara found his mate I love Naru-Gaara

naruto shippuuden meme sasuke sakura useless special power moves jutsu

Sakura isn't as useless as she used to be XD In this meme she should just be yelling "CHA!