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Fun fact, this was the last Naruto picture Kishimoto drew before he retired.

Sasuke <3

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Naruto = Best Anime Naruto Pictures = Nice Sharingan = Awsome Itachi = F*cking Awsome Naruto Edo-Tensai Itachi Picture with Sharingan = Sorry, but this is too much.

Encyclopedia Naruto Pictures - Page 7 - the eyes of the Arabs - Arabian World

Encyclopedia Naruto Pictures - Page 7 - the eyes of the Arabs - Arabian World>> oh hot damn


While this was happening I brought a knocked out naruto over to the sidelines then started to draw, at first i didn't know what to draw but when I looked at naruto I decided to draw the people that make me happy

Pretty much screams the plot line of many Naruto death fanfics where Sasuke kills Naruto when they're fighting, Naruto continues to smile at him, and meanwhile Sasuke flips the hell out because he basically returns to his normal Team 7 self and is traumatized that he just killed his best friend

I think if Sasuke ever had killed Naruto. Naruto would have definitely kept on smiling. I also think that Naruto smiling after Sasuke killed him would either make Sasuke turns his ways around, or it would fuel his anger even more.

Keep calm and love Naruto (picture of Naruto and his parents <3 <3 ) Alright I'll  pin another keep calm.

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