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Uchiha Asuna Itachi's wife Mother to his sons Bears magic along with chacra Mage mode Silver hair and scarlet eyes More covering cloth Naruto oc

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Uchiha Asuna Called lady Uchiha Itachi's wife Mother to his sons With power that rivals itachi His fellow akatsuki member Brought his man back to life They live in Uchiha household along with sasuke's family Naruto oc

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Might not be the final character, but there you go, precious Banri ^q^ Background story below. [[MORE]]Starts from top left -> right Childhood old) Banri lived in Konoha orphanage since he.

Naruto OC Adoptables [ OPEN ] SPECIAL EDITION !! by duskyu

Naruto OC Adoptables which were almost all Kiyo at some point! Y'know, the character that I'm pret.

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HOTAKAAAAAAAAAA Start from left-top Academy Hotaka is a bright, cheerful young boy, and always wanted to be the number one. In these years, Hotaka.

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Name: Tsubaki Nami (Jap 椿 ナ ミ.) Clan: Tsubaki Sex: Female Age: pre-shippuuden - years, Shippuuden - years, The Last - 19 years, Naruto Gaiden (Boruto movie) -

Naruto OC: Shirou Heiki by seethli.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"My name is Sorata Hyuuga, member of the head family of the Hyuuga clan. I'm currently 12 years old and live with my father here in Konoha Gakure. I don't have any siblings which is .

I'm finally submitting my Hatake baby character sheet Hotaru is Kakashi and Hinagiku's daughter and here is her bio, I hope you guys enjoy! General Name.

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some imagination of mine,based on one naruto character Angelio,my creation.