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Music, makes any night that much more incredible. Music brings people together, the way nothing else can.

I will start off small like buying a microphone and making covers at home. Você não sabe onde encontrar bilhetes e comprar ingressos para os concertos que tanto deseja assistir em breve? Então, visite esta página agora em

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Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee is known for his comprehensive works made with organic materials found in nature. The contemporary artist's pieces often utilize

ᙖℓąƈƙ & ᏇɧᎥ৳ҽ Ƥɧσ৳σʂ~ƤąɽᎥʂ ~ An Accordian player strolling about the yard, playing tango and Parisian tunes

cute option for faux floral..maybe

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Musical roses, simply beautiful and a great idea for weddings! Musical roses, simply beautiful and a great idea for weddings! Musical roses, simply beautiful and a great idea for weddings!

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Music controls the mood you are in. Listen to uplifting music! Let's go forward and not let music help us fall back into where we were or just staying in the same place! 🎶 Going Forward!

Take your favorite song, or wedding song, and create an oversized sheet music print--you can do this at staples!

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Take your favorite song and create an oversized sheet music print! Ooo you could do this with like your first dance song after your wedding too! Or just a favorite song :) GOOD IDEA.

These music picture books are the perfect supplement for your music and music appreciation studies. |

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Are you studying music or composers with your kids? Check out this list of 25 music picture books that cover the orchestra, composers, and more.

So this is a drawing/painting of someone pouring out musical notes into their hand. Music is important being it can make people feel good. I live in a house filled with musicians and i am learning how to make music myself. One of my roommates makes electronic music and he has shown me how to put sounds together to make music,

++ MEDICINE SOUL ++ Music therapy as a non pharmacological intervention.well that's what this picture makes me think of!

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Rusty musical pages. Music picture by Freeartist. Included into the 'Vinage Grunge Art' image selection.