Mulita, armadillo de seis bandas, en fondo blanco. Foto de archivo

Gaint Armadillos is close to extinction in their wild habitats of South America. Over hunting and loss of habitat are causes for their decreasing numbers.

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The nine-banded armadillo is the only species of armadillo that occurs in North America. In the spring, female armadillos will give birth to four monozygotic young (that is, identical quadruplets),

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"Armadillo Family, aww, ain't they cute as a button?" (Pappy) I hate the way they dig up my flower beds and yard but they are sooooooo cute!

we usually don't find armadillos to be beautiful, but we usually don't see this picture.

The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is found in North, Central, and South America, making it the most widespread of the armadillos. (Photo by Fred Lord)

Some, including four species of Dasypus, are widely distributed over the Americas, whereas others, such as Yepes's mulita, are restricted to small ranges.

A lonely East Texas highway at 3 a., a man with a gun, an armadillo. Only a head wound -- to the gunman, KLTV reports. The Cass County Sheriff said the motorist told deputies he was

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