Claustrophobia & MRI's

Cue panic and hyperventilation

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MRI Protocols Chart

MRI Protocols Cheat Sheet

MRI Ordering Guide This is for reference only. This does not imply protocol standards for all the radiology facilities.

oh, medical humor.

MRI dubstep

MRI - this particular model, the Siemens Avanto, has been making dubstep MRI since

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You’re Through To Appointments

MRI claustrophobia humor…omg had to have one done before my surgery I shocked myself didn't have to use panic button

Xray humor radiography @Keely Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Gault Gault Barakat

Xray humor radiography Hamilton Gault Gault Barakat Except no one uses the inverse square law after school. Just sayin'

Monday morning MRI humor, good reason to always put tools up when you're done

ᘻยℓէᎥƥℓҽ ᏕƈℓҽґσʂᎥʂ ~ ¯(°_o)/¯ ~- Monday morning MRI humor