From the booze to the blues, city life in Chicago has its perks, but to live here like a boss, it helps to know some shortcuts and tricks. After moving to Chicago,...

27 Chicago hacks to make your life easier

Reasons to move to Chicago

31 Things You Need To Know About Chicago Before You Move There - Movoto

This week in Chicago was a not-so-gentle reminder that winter is upon us once again. I’ve had a few friends move here in the past year, and, like myself when I first moved here from Arizona, they have no idea what to buy for the winter months! I find myself sending this list to winter …

What To Buy For A Chicago Winter

kellyinthecity: “ Oh, 🙈 (It’s 14 degrees outside.) ❄️ (at Lincoln Park) ”

Find great burgers, happy hours, and free parking with these free apps.

21 Essential Apps for Living in Chicago

Moving to Chicago is exciting! What a vibrant city! But, prep for your move with these tips. I Location Highlights

Moving to Chicago