Bride of Frankenstein makeup

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Image Collection #5: Fantasy Witches, Monsters and Demons  This optical illusion makeup is very obviously disturbing.(Babadook)

Laura Gardner - L Gore SFX, A self taught artist from Wales, UK transforms herself into popular Movie/TV Show characters and her own creations using body paints, normal & SFX make up.

Halloween is fast approaching and as we all know, the holiday favors monsters over mortals, hellhounds over humans, and carcasses over common men. While it’s true this is the only time of the year you can dress up to be just about anyone, or anything you like, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without it’s assortment of terrifying creatures of the night. The ghost, the possessed skeleton, and the zombie, to name a few notable ones, truly dominate Halloween. So how do you become one of…

Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials

makes it seem half alive and half dead. really interesting!

10 Looks To Get You In the Spirit of Halloween

Gorgeous looking Halloween makeup theme. This has an air of corpse bride into it and works perfectly with the cracked double face and sheer contrast of the living and the dead.