POLITICAL THEATRE: The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most enduring in history, and its influence can still be felt in much of modern society, architecture, politics, art, law and culture. Explore Ancient Rome on Film: The Best Movies About The Roman Empire at TheCultureTrip.com

Roman Empire Movies That Get The Thumbs Up

The ancient Roman theatre of Philippopolis in the city center of Plovdiv (ancient Philippopolis), Bulgaria. the construction of the theatre dates back to the time of Emperor Trajan (reigned AD).

Instant Coffee - ouran-high-school-host-club Screencap

Instant Coffee - ouran-high-school-host-club Screencap Hm now I want so me instant coffee. ^-^ Which I will now think of as commoner's coffee lol.

Swimming in a pond. A Life Lived Well :) we are looking for ways to get our pond a little cleaner and swimmer friendly. Addy and I are too prissy to take our chances with wild life. lol :) There are great ideas to make your pond more swimming pool like though... and we LOVE our beach. We will probably live there this summer. ;)

Swimming In a evergreen tree forest lake in the mountains with hippie bohemian gypsy hippies boho bohemia wild nature explore adventure hiking summer sun

Cornwall Coast  - by nosha, via Flickr,UK  http://www.roehampton-online.com/?ref=4231900   (celts, celtic nation)

Port Isaac, North Cornwall, England, U. - aerial view Doc Martin is set and filmed here.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Eye of the Century

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Eye of the Century

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “By Henri Cartier-Bresson, Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London 1959 ”


summer-canoe-canopy-water - Once Wed

17 The warmth of a latte is one of the most soothing experiences for me, especially when I'm working hard on edits or writing.

24 Foods You Hated As A Kid But Love Now

10 Creative Print Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Look Twice // Nescafe Print Advertising Campaign // Coffee Print Ads // The Best Alarm Clock To Wake You Up In The Morning

10 Super Creative Print Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Look Twice

Have You Ever Seen Those Creative Print Ad Campaigns That Make Your Eyes Blink Wildly? These 10 Awesome Print Ads Go Way Beyond That.

Cappuccino e .....

Cappuccino e .....

Manualidades | Crafts | bijoux | Handwerk | Personaliza tu Nespresso. Más de 200 modelos | Customize your Nespresso. Over 200 models | Personnalisez votre Nespresso | Personalizzare il vostro Nespresso | Passe Sie Ihre Nespresso | #nespresso shop.decofi.com

Neckless made from Nespresso cups

Cast-iron tea pot and cups. | Few things are more soothing than a relaxing cup of tea.:

Tea Pot and Cups. Few things are more soothing than a relaxing cup of tea.

Justin Livingston

Afternoon coffee chats with are always a treat. the carbs don't hurt either.