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My mother Is the best gift God has ever given me only she knows the real sound of my heart beat from the inside I love you mom -yaira

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So true! Your mother is your best friend! She was hand picked by God for you! My kids and a couple of friends come in a pretty close nobody like mom.miss you mom

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I'm very blessed that my Mother was a strong woman with a strong will to survive to raised 8 children with a fifth grade education. {RIP MOMMA YOUR JOB IS DONE.

” To Mom, No Matter How Many Times We Argue, How Many Times. I Don’t Understand You, And How Many Times I Get Scolded By You….

I can't believe how closer i am to my mom. Sharing with you some stuff that i didn't think i could tell you has been very helpful , despite all our fights arguments u mean the world to me. Idk what id do w,outyou. Nunca me faltes.

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These touching stories from some of Hallmark's best writers about their experiences with their mothers will give you all the feels this Mother's Day. Send them along to friends or share them with your own loving mom!

We heart Mom: Mother's Day stories from Hallmark writers

Famous mothers day quotes for mum from daughter and son. You are the mom everyone wishes they had.

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You have to remember you are the only one who will straighten it!!!

Thinking about my mother's warrior spirit and her strength to keep going no matter what reminds me she raised a 👸🏻Queen. let me straighten my crown 👑 😘

I hope when you look back that you see me this way, that you see how much I truly loved you, in the purest most unconditional way, you are after all the only ones on earth that know me from the inside out! I love you! precious and cherished!!

I wish every mom could treat their children this way. Just can't imagine what life would be like if I had a mom that expected something in return for everything she did for me? Love u mom!

Happy mothers day wallpaper pictures for mom from daughter and son on this mothers day 2017. This picture quote reads... Out of all the moms in the world, I'm so glad you are mine.

Happy mothers day wallpaper pictures for mom from daughter and son on this mothers day This picture quote reads. Out of all the moms in the world, I'm so glad you are mine.