Mituna, the poor guy. He's one of the few characters I actually feel sorry for.

My poor tuna shouldn't have to go through his friends dying AND his mental state. I feel so sorry for him.

Latula and Mituna <3 *whispers* maybe Sollux and Terezi could be <> moirails? Just think about it. Terezi likes irritating people and Sollux is the sass master. I think it could work.

Latula and Mituna moirails? Terezi likes irritating people and Sollux is the sass master. I think it could work.

This is how I feel...all the time. Come to think, I have the same problems as Mituna <--- I have Tourette's. I do this stuff all the time. xD

This is how I feel when my favorite character dies in a book.

Mitula #Metabuscador de #empleo

Introducing Apartment Finder’s New Partner, Mitula

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Mitula property

Mitula property

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Gamzee and Karkat!!!!!! WHOOP!! I don't really see them as matesprites, but I ship it as morails!!

Well I got Terezi x Karkat Patron troll x Fav troll OTP!Well, Tavros x Tavros should be interesting.<< Sollux x Nepeta, well then.

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pukind: “Photoshop crashed and I lost a lot of work on this (as well as workwork, sob.) I did what I could to salvage it from the screen cap I got before it went kaputttt. (kathy geiss chanting of.

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