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30 Missing You Quotes

i think a part of me will always be waiting for you.for as long as it takes I will wait for you.even if I have to wait for my whole life through. I will always love you.

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"And in that moment I swore that nothing in this universe could be as heavy as the absence of the person you love" ~Beau Taplin, The Absence

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25 Missing You Quotes

I even miss you when you give me a hard time. I miss you calling my teeth nubs, because you're right. I miss everything we once had. I miss worship together. I miss bible study together. I miss your family. I miss us.

It always hits the hardest at night. via (http://ift.tt/2t4dCAA) (Relationship)

I watch the clock, waiting for bedtime. This marks I've lost him for another day and I have to repeat this until God takes me also. Miss you bugs more than my life.