Miso tattoo ( Miso, artista m-i-s-o.com/ )

If you are on the lookout and feeling the itch to get a new tattoo soon, here is another idea from us; This enchanting minimalist pa

Instagram Post by stanislava pinchuk (@m_i_s_o_)

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airse: “ “ m-i-s-o: Miso : Home-Made Tattoos : Ben’s galaxy arm, a sun and comets - marking everywhere he has lived.

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Stanislava Pinchuk Inks Her Friends With Minimalist Tattoos – Fubiz Media

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Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk) specializes in teeny-tiny minimalist designs— adorning wrists, fingers, and collarbones Home Base: Tokyo and Melbourne Instagram: @m_i_s_o_ Stanislava Pinchuk (who goes by Miso) specializes in teeny-tiny minimalist designs—

Tattooed Hana’s hands today, traded for a photograph : our three days between LA and Tokyo in Melbourne,

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Miso : Home-made tattoos, stars for Billie on my balcony : , miso, stanislavapinchuk, m-i-s-o Tattoo Artist: Miso · Stanislava Pinchuk

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lyesmyths: “ m-i-s-o: “ miso :: home-made tattoos: solar eclipse for noah / traded for dinner , melbourne 2013 ” similar to the tat I want ”