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After watching Mirai Nikki in one setting, all of the 26 episodes. I fell in love with the anime XD and knew, that i just had to make.

When I saw this, I threw up rainbows

Mirai Nikki Meme - NOW KISS! by Daiasoes <<< they only time when the invisible shove actually works XD

Mirai Nikki | Future Diary | Dead End | Anime | Fanart | SailorMeowMeow<<<yaaaaas

Ah Mirai Nikki. The second anime that I have seen but refer to as the first because Vampire Knights anime was shit. Although the theme songs were good.

Mirai Nikki - Yuno Gasai & Amano Yukiteru #AnimeCouple

If you haven't seen the OVA for this show, GO WATCH IT! The 26 episodes ended on a cliffhanger for me but the OVA made it complete!