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Pomeranian - Bold and Inquisitive

They are little fluff balls! They're cotton balls almost! Or marshmallows! I want one!

Boo, the five-year-old pomeranian, is nothing but cute!!  |  Sambazon

'World's Cutest Dog' Boo's Mom Works at Facebook

My next pup will be a little boy pomeranian because boy pups love their moms and because poms look like little teddy bears! :D

Lulu da Pomerania Mini

Lulu da Pomerânia: cãozinho virou xodó e é o mais caro do Brasil Mais

lulu da pomerania mini preto - Pesquisa Google

lulu da pomerania mini preto - Pesquisa Google

This listing for 1 (one) Crocheted dog scarf This scarf is great for any small dog. Its stretchy pattern. This is suggested for the following toy breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkie, Poodle, Pomeranian, Mini Pin, all other small breeds Hand crocheted with 100 % Acrylic yarn. S : 2.75 h x 9 L (stretches up to 10) M : 3 h x 10 L (stretches up to 11) L : 3: h x 11 L (stretches up to 12) XL: 3 h x 12 ~13 L (stretches up to 14) Hand wash cool and lay flat to dry.

Crocheted Puppy & dog scarf Choose from 7 colors Fits most XS

Car rides are the best!

Car rides are the best!

Pomerania mini

There is no such thing as teacup Pomeranian. Anyone selling them is breeding them too small and destroying the breed.

Esta bufanda es ideal para cualquier perro pequeño. Su patrón elástico.  Esto es sugerido para las siguientes razas de juguete: Chihuahua Yorkie, caniche, Pomerania, Mini Pin, todas las otras razas pequeñas  Mano de ganchillo con hilo acrílico 100%.  XS: 2 de alto x 8~ 9cuello S/M: 3 de alto x 9~ 10alrededor del cuello L/XL: 3 de alto x 11~ 12alrededor del cuello   Lavado a mano fría y de la endecha plana para secar.

Small Dog Crocheted scarf PINK Colors fits most S or M dogs