Metacognition and Real Reading anchor chart.

Putting the real reading salad into graphic form from the book Comprehension Connections. First Grade Brain Sprinkles

Ask and answer questions as you read. I think self-monitoring is an important lesson. The first thing I do is ask if anyone has ever been reading a book and suddenly realized that they had no idea what was going on.  Everyone can raise their hand on that one, teacher included.  We then discuss how readers self-monitor to keep  meaning.

self-monitoring anchor chart: This would be great in a lower grade classroom. This reminds students to be thinking about what they are reading and allows them to be responsible for monitoring themselves.

Metacognition with Reading Salad

Metacognition with Reading Salad. I like to use this anchor chart because it does help the student understand their own metacognition.

Reading is THINKING Freebie to improve Comprehension ~

Yes, Reading Really is THINKING! *Improve Comprehension*

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Metacognition anchor chart - I like the Venn diagram-esque graphic comprehension…

Metacognition anchor chart - I like the Venn diagram-esque graphic comprehension students being able to see how what the text says and what their thinking comes together to create Real Reading from Tanny McGregor's book Comprehension Connections

Can't teach "connections" but if they are able to cite evidence from the text that made them make the connection...Then I could use this.

Making Connections Anchor Chart: Can be shown in a different way for upper grades. Still a good basic chart to remind students as they read.

Anchor Chart for Reading is Thinking! This is designed for 3-5, but could easily be made into a chart for 2nd. For more anchor charts visit:

Reading is Thinking

Teacher Trap: Reading is Thinking! Naturally strong readers engage constantly as they read. Therefore teaching the skills overtly to struggling readers is effective in busting their comprehension.

anchor charts for reading | ... & Documenting the Common Core Standards with Anchor Charts Part 1

RL 10 prepare the title then add the text in the thought bubbles with your class as a discussion Reading is Thinking anchor chart by The Pinspired Teacher thepinspiredteach.

Anchor Charts

6 Things You Must Know About Anchor Charts

Bind mini anchor charts into booklets for guided reading reference