Mandala mermaid tattoo by Young

You'll stare at these mesmerizing mermaid tattoos for hours

Mermaid tattoo designs for Girls (37)

40 Mermaid Tattoo Designs for Girls

Mermaid tattoo designs for girls symbolizes beauty. Many mermaid tattoo designs are derived from the ancient Greeks mythology

Mermaid by Anne Cha @annechafr

Mermaid by Anne Cha - the kind of thing I would love for a tattoo! Perfect pose, and would be lovely to have a proper frame with pearls and shells etc surrounding it

this is beautiful, love the simplicity, maybe more stretched out and no pearl or whatever that is

I like this and in each bubble have my children's names and birthdays. I love mermaids. This would make a beautiful tattoo.

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Tattoo Design by on @DeviantArt

😍Pretty fucking epic if you ask me💁🏻 🌊A gorgeous fuckin mermaid🐚 and crazy sea 🦄

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Love this as a reincarnation of Botticellis Birth of Venus. Hot chick with red hair in a giant shell.