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Melanie Martinez Soap Poster

Cry Baby and some rubber ducks are dealing with the aftermath of a swearing situation on a Melanie Martinez poster. Washing her mouth out with soap might be unpleasant, but we doubt it's going to change her much. Never change, Cry x in USA

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for Melanie! // Melanie Martinez Ice Cream Truck Wolf Poster

Melanie Martinez Ice Cream Truck Wolf Poster

Just say no to ice cream.especially when a wolf is handing it out. A Melanie Martinez poster features a dark take on a summer x in USA

Melanie Martinez (2016)

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"I'm nuts, baby I'm mad. The craziest friend that you've ever had. You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong" - Mad Hatter Melanie Martinez

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{*Yvonne De Carlo who played {Lilly Munster in the Munsters} she was a Very Beautiful Lady & a great actress you passed away way to young *}

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Experimental pop artist Melanie Martinez drops the bass & the hard truths (but not her endearing pop persona)