Mel Gibson, absolutely stunning.....this man has such talent.

This list features pictures of a handsome young Mel Gibson, including high school pictures from his teenage years as well as sexy photos from his twenties.

Mel Gibson-Famous people suffering with Bipolar Disorder - no matter what he does he is a charmer.

Mel Gibson-Famous people suffering with Bipolar Disorder. Don't necessarily like the man, but oh, those eyes.

Mel Gibson. Favorite movies: The Patriot, Signs, Braveheart, What Women Want, Hamlet, Forever Young, voice of John Smith in Pocahontas, The River.

Media Leader Mel Gibson Actor/Director Lethal Weapon Braveheart, The Patriot, Passion of the Christ

William Wallace was a very courageous and strong man who unfortunately wanted revenge for himself and his people so bad that it ultimately lead to his death

BRAVEHEART------Mel Gipson-----One of the BEST movies ever made! Sometimes hard to watch, but the truth hurts sometimes. Still a great movie, albeit quite long.

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Mel Gibson - Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson (born January is an American actor and filmmaker. He was born in Peekskill, New York, and moved with his parents to Sydney, Australia, when he was 12 years old. Gibson is best known as an action he

Mel Gibson/William Wallace. Only the best history character ever. #Braveheart

Not-so-Braveheart: Mel Gibson on why he's scared of returning to Scotland

Mel Gibson -  #Australia #celebrities #MelGibson Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves

Mel Gibson - Just for you Vanessa! Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves www.

Mel Gibson (@MelGibsonFilms) | Twitter

Mel Gibson (@MelGibsonFilms) | Twitter