Wow. I seriously had this idea for a tattoo. The exact same format: the birth dates of significant people/special loved ones in your life. Then, was going to encase it with a heart outline - the heart would be made up of chain links. The entire tattoo would be a very dark black ink.

childs birth date this! I will add my children's birthdates underneath my wedding date tattoo

With the first initials of the four people that matter most to me in this world J.J.R.D

I keep contemplating this tattoo design. One idea I've thought about is putting the 4 initials of my grandparents' last names. All four of them and their families helped raise me and make me who I am today.

Family tree idea

51 Meaningful Family Tattoos Ideas and Symbols

Matching and meaningful Family Tattoos with names for on forearm, wrist, chest for men and moms. Small family tattoos, symbols, tribals on love and life.

Four Sisters girls women friends partners family  bird family tattoos

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Two little birds and big bird in dark brown for eye color. One big bird in dark blue for my eye color, then fly away blue bird for Brice. Very close to the idea i already had for a memory tat for Brice

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I love the semi colon tattoo as a symbol for continuing your story. These are such pretty alternative designs for a semi colon tattoo!

sisters lifeline tattoo-5

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The importance of a lifeline tattoo lies in the meaning that is drawn on the skin. The shapes that are drawn in it have a different insight for everyone, w

Semicolon project

So the semicolon tattoo project day has come around again and since this is my second year, I got the trinity on my wrist! The semicolon tattoo project is a promotion to raise money for Agora and.

Meaning: A semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended but then was continued. (THIS SEMICOLON IS FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION?)

Amy Bleuel started Project Semicolon after her father committed suicide to raise awareness and offer hope to others during their darkest times.

Family over everything Matching tattoos

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Check Out 25 Amazing Family Tattoo Ideas. Someone has said that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. People wear their love and pride for their family on their bodies and this is where the role of family tattoo ideas becomes significant.