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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerd

Good Will Hunting Ben Alfeck, Matt Damon . two kids from Boston, who wrote "Good Will Hunting" and won almost every Oscar the year this came out. Bravo kiddos, Right on Boston Southies!

Matt Damon as Mr. Ripley

fc: young matt damon + tom webb ] "hey, i'm matthew. i'm not really an interesting person. i'm just kind of below average.

Jude Law and Matt Damon ★

Jude Law and Matt Damon aka Ross on the right ;

You don't get a cookie for not sexually harassing someone!!!

We also aren't talking enough about feminist men & women in Hollywood. But I'm sure they'll find time to talk about the men who're non sexual predators, simply on the basis that they aren't sexual predators.

Pushing the limits again of what defines a cozy sweater, but this is too adorable not to pin!

2005's Sexiest Men Alive

Matt Damon I think he has one of the best smiles out of any man

It's time for a little gratuitous Matt Damon! Hell, it's always time for a little gratuitous Matt Damon!