Order of Operations Rap - Must See FUN for Kids!!!  I don't normally like "math songs" because they can take away from the number sense, but this one isn't too bad.   ALWAYS teach the concepts not just the catchy songs.  (Or let the kids come up with the songs to match their concepts they are learning).

Order of Operations Rap Songs and Activities

Have you seen the video, Teacher Tipster Place Value Song? It's great! That's why a number of bloggers have shared how they have done a Place Value Boot Camp in their classes. Well, that concept is pr

FREEBIE- Tens and Ones Song! (Creating a Thoughtful Classroom)

Traditional nursery rhymes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Humpty Dumpty have been around for hundreds...

How To Integrate Nursery Rhymes Into Your Classroom Lessons (Who's Who and Who's New)

Printable song lyrics and a you tube video demonstration!  A Great song to sing with your students!

10 Frame Song & Printable Lyrics

"Skip Counting Song" (from First Grade Wow; Tune: "Skip to My Lou")

"Skip Counting Song" students seem to remember songs. Excellent way to help students remember skip counting.

MANY MANY math songs to help kids memorize math facts.  For now, lets learn the addition of double numbers songs

MANY MANY math songs to help kids memorize math facts. For now, lets learn the addition of double numbers songs

Lucky to Be in First!: Math resources

Math Ideas for 1st Grade

This song would be a great way to introduce the concepts of even and odd numbers. It is an easy way for children to begin to think about how to identify an odd number when they see one!

This free YouTube video using music and representations of numbers for students to practice subitizing. Great for subitizing or number fluency. Click for the free video.

Subitizing Video

This post features a fun and free video for students to practice subitizing. Subitizing is number fluency and is a key predictor of math achievement.

DIY "Greater Gator" math manipulative. Use for greater than/ less than. Made from dollar store dusters. FREE chants and songs!!

Greater Gator DIY

Greater Gator: DIY Free chants and songs and directions on making a greater gator out of dollar store items!

Coordinate Plane Song & Math Music Video  ★ COMMON CORE ALIGNED MATH ACTIVITY ★ Save 70% by buying our full library of lesson materials and animated videos: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Math-Worksheets-2200780 <-- Link Works

Coordinate Plane - 1st Quadrant Video: Coordinate Graphing Pictures, Worksheets