Matemáticas para los que terminan pronto

Operaciones - Para los que terminan pronto.

Livrinhos de multiplicação

Awesome wish I had this when I was a kid!  elementary math videos. Learn times tables with songs

Awesome wish I had this when I was a kid! elementary math videos. Learn times tables with songs

Fluency with math facts is an important skill. No doubt. Yes, students should have lots of opportunity to gain firm understanding of the thinking behind these simple math equations. Don't stash those counters just yet! However, those fifth and sixth grade teachers impart some wisdom to us. They know first hand that having

Improving Math Facts Fluency

Simply Elementary!: Math rotations ROCK!!!!

com organitzar racons per estacions

What Good Mathematicians Do Colossal Poster

What Good Mathematicians Do Colossal Poster

A good little tip to have in your bag of homework helping tricks! holiday-fun

Skip Counting Songs for Multiplication and Division Facts

Example of composing fractions


Ideal for quick, short notes, lists, flash cards, study aids, addresses and more. Ruled one side. 3" x 2.5". 200 Per pack.

Oxfords mini index cards white

Multiple Monster Anchor Chart PLUS many many more

Multiplicación - Multiple Monster- anchor chart (this teacher's site has amazing anchor charts!)

Flashcard station...they just take off the ones they need to study.

¿Libritos multiplicar? llaveros

Great way to help teach place values

¿Unidades y decenas? Una solución práctica y sencilla para jugar y aprender

Planning and organizing for differentiated math workstations, GREAT ideas!

Differentiated Math Stations . . . and a Freebie

smartboard resources for math. Are you kidding me? This is great!:

Recursos de matemàtiques per a PDI

Second Grade Perks: Such a great idea for telling time!

Gran reloj libre de la plantilla! Gran para la enseñanza de recuento en 5 segundos, luego pasar a tiempo.

AW: Had a parent prep it for me and it's great!  time matching game

Con Tiempo O Los Numero en la clase de Espanol

Telling Time - Bulletin Board Set. This Telling Time Kit works with any analog classroom clock to teach time visually. Set also includes 6 punch-out clocks with hands to practice basic time concepts.

Telling time bb set