Photography: Marta Bevacqua; Model: Adele McKeen @ IMG Paris; Make-up: Camille Lutz; Hairstyle: Mayu Morimoto; Styling: Andréa Ottaviani; Location: Margherita- Paris // Published on Mia Le Journal

Finally out on Mia Le Journal: IRIS ; model: @ IMG Mua: styling: hair: mayu morimoto location: margherita- Paris by martabevacqua

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Photographer Spotlight: Marta Bevacqua

Marta Bevacqua is a Paris-based Italian photographer. In her photographs, humanity and nature appear to morph in harmony.

the eyes by Marta Bevacqua - Photo 111122687 - 500px

October 2015 Fashion Photography - These October 2015 fashion photography trends range from opulent punk portraits to rescue dog covers that pair famous models

fotografia profissional

Os Retratos Criativos de Marta Bevacqua - Fotografia Profissional